Please I need helpp?

Hello everyone i am in a relationship since 3 years and i have a big problem well the first year i was dominant and careless to my girlfriend while that she was an angel but i asked myself what was the point of being an asshole to her then i changed it i totally did set myself free and gave her great love and intrest but in time we changed the roles and in time she created fights and each time we fought she kicked my ass then i begged her and apolgized her to fix things back even i did nothing. She did this like 40 times until now. And in time she became worse. Since 1,5 years she avoided me kept hanged up on my face on phone or blocked me like more than 200 times. And each time she created problems i explained them in details a lot of times each fight she promised me to not do these things again. But right after these promises she did again. And last time she made it much worse since 2 fucking months nonstop fighting me and kept pushed me away. And last time she said oh it doesn't work we are friends we are opposite etc then i said its seriously enough because if we were opposite there would be no fucking 3 years and these words were meaningless and pointless. Also she is extremely unstable. And then i asked her a simple question if she loves me or not she easily said no. And i swear i can't handle this crap. İ had god patience. İ told her in my life for the first time i leave her seriously and i blocked her 4 days ago and she did it too even i hate that blockthing and these mess between her i am so sick of her fights and excuses over again. Before thart i blocked her 6 days to make her understand her faults but she repeated same crap while in that 6 days i kept unblock sometimes and she knows i always stayed at door no matter what she did i was there like a doormat for this relationship. Anyway in this last 4 days after i was clearly kicked her and said never contacting me again she unblocked me 2 or 3 times and after she blocked me again. i want to fix
can you people share your ideas


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