I am feeling sad today?

Hi, regarding my previous questions about that gal who is about to marry.. This gal who wasn't talking to me previously etc. I met her n I told her "I'd like to talk to you about.. ". She sound surprised n shocked for me to tell her that.. I said "I hv noticed u haven't talked to me previously.. I dunno why.." then she said "I was busy etc with with wedding preparations.. - am not angry with u.".
I was very surprised for her answer. Coz for me, when I glanced at her once she looked down n walk away. Then I added," u know how I am, I cared for u.. - I apologise if smthg gone wrong.." I know I haven't touched her sexually. Even if I was attracted to her, I know can't do a thg to her. Then she said "u can still text me".. Of course I never text her when she is home.. N i told her to delete all our texts.. Coz I don't want her to get Problems. I noticed one thing, as she is happy.. My apology didn't mean Anythg to her. She didn't bother.. She knows how I am.. I also texted her "I am sincerely very happy for her.." that's true. I knw she is keeping this friendship. She is open n understandable. This is what i appreciate with her..

On the other hand, I do feel sad because it reminds me of when I was with my ex girlfriend. The way I am with this one, I was similar with ma ex. But I truly loved her because of the personality n character n was understanding. She would b a gd listener.. The mmt my ex girlfriend got married, she invited for her wedding. I refused to go because we r both sentimental. I didn't have money to buy her gift or buy a new pants n shirt to attend wedding. It's me who is to b blamed. Well i worked part time nt earning big money as was student.
When I look for a girl to settle I look for their personality, characters, how easy they can connect n talk to people n if they like family.. Unfortunately till now I hv met short fat girls which isn't my type or when they meet me they feel complexed coz am tall n skinny..
Don't know what to do to fix this.


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  • Well she is moving on , you should too. Try to put this awkwardness behind you. I am happy tho that she cleared things up and that she wants to continue the friendship. that's great. There is a girl out there for you.

    • Hello, I am truly happy for her. I want such type of girl, I mean in character, personality, good listener. These are the qualities I see in gals. But u know I haven't done a degree n therefore I don't earn big money. N most gurls wana cars. I Wana some one from abroad.. But hard to find.

      So do u thk when I told her "u know how I am - I meant I care for her" did she consider it as me in love with her?
      Since Thursday, I hv stopped using sweet words with her on texts. Although I did wanna use or tell her how beautiful she looks. I only use that to value her. When I appreciate sm1 it's like that..
      what u thk

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    • @luvstoned4him : do u thk she noticed I stopped using sweet words with her?

      Smtimes I Wana but I remain silent. When I stand n look at her, it's all what i say in my heart "how beautiful she is. I keep appreciating her for 5mins" ..

      Normally when I spoke to her, apologizing I shuld be crying coz I get emotional seeing the one I feel at ease leave.. Keeping a little distance.
      U mean in ur answer, 1. She noticed my sweet words. 2. what u mean by "she doesn't know how to react"?
      3. supose she reacted, what would she say or do? Do u thk walk away from me again?

      she is mature in such thgs because before she told me she got loads proposals. But refused as she loved this one. So I guess she knows I like her but she kept this friend ship..

    • she didn't know how to react in that... if to act sweetly towards you which may just lead you on or to just be cold and let you feel depressed, over analyze - like you are doing now.

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