Dumped girlfriend of 2 months and now I miss her :( ?

So basically, I was seeing this girl for 2 months and I dumped her last Sunday night over text after a few days of some thinking.
At the start, we got on well and it was like every other relationship in that "honeymoon phase". Once we had known each other for a few weeks, I asked her out officially and things then started to slow down and she would stop coming over to see me, never really seemed interested in getting physical with me anymore and just seemed to make excuses from my perspective.
But yeh, I dumped her over text after she told me she wasn't coming to mine on the Sunday, which we were talking about for weeks.
1 week later and I am starting to miss her more despite not being together long at all. I keep walking past her work and seeing her and Im always tempted to check her social media, curious whether she is seeing other people and stuff. Its starting to really annoy me.
Is it normal to feel like this despite me ending it? or is this somehow a sign I maybe made the wrong choice?


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  • Like, it's impossible to know if you made a good or bad choice. But since you did make one, you need to be an adult and live with it. Guaranteed, if you ask for her back, maybe she'd say yes -- but she won't respect you, in turn she won't respect herself, she will always doubt you, and you'll break up again later.

    Ending a relationship is never fun, unless you've painted the other person black in your imagination. Maybe keep that in mind before you abruptly end things in the future and instead spend time trying to be certain of your judgement and choice before you make it.

    Ask new girls out. At the very least, you'll realize this isn't the end of the world, maybe you'll find a new girlfriend.

    • You wrote that well

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    • @Nahid1234
      Thanks :)

    • Masterclass, hope things work out

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