We broke up today. Should I try and fix things?

so we were hanging out all morning and decided to go to walmart to get food then i took him to his brothers house for a bit and i waited downstairs because he said he was going to be quick and when he came back down he was mad bc his brother was mad at him cuz they were supposed to hang out and i told him he could hang out if he wanted to that i didn't care and i'd come back and get him later but he said it was fine so we picked up mitchell from school on the way back and took him home and as soon as we got there i didn't even get out of the car yet he was asking if i could take him back into town to get weed from his friend before he had to go to work and i told him i didn't want to bc we just got back and he said okay. then we got back into the house and he said he was going to find a ride into town and i said i didn't care what he did i just didn't want to drive him. then he went on about how if he had to find a ride he would have to pay for it and it would be easier if i just turned on the oven to make the curly fries and if we put the fries in now and go the he will be quick and by the time we get back they would be done and i kept telling him i didn't want to and that if he wanted to do that he should've done it when we were still in town or i could've just left him in town and picked him up later
he just didn't seem to understand why i didn't want to drive him all the way back there and why him keeping asking me was making me angry. so i went downstairs and he came down still mad at me and was like fine i'll ask mitchell to drive me and i didn't want him bringing mitchell into it so i told him if he did then he wasn't coming back with mitchell and he was going on about how he was still going to come back even though i'm being an asshole and all this crap.
so he went upstairs to ask mitchell to drive him and i hear him telling mitchell all this crap that we were fighting about and i 100% did not want him bringing mitchell into it and making him uncomfortable so i told him i would drive him and he wasn't coming back with me. so he grabbed his bag and i started driving him and he kept going on and on and on about it and was making me feel so out of control and panicked and i was so overwhelmed and needed him to stop arguing with me


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  • for real how old are you guys this is childish as fuck

    • there's more just couldn't fit it all but thanks. but he wouldn't and i started having like a mental breakdown screaming and crying and he kept yelling at me to keep both hands on the wheel and to pay attention to where i'm going and i wasn'fout of control with my driving at all until he kept yelling at me about it and telling me he will stop once i have both hands on the wheel but kept not stopping and i kept freaking out more and i didn't know what to do because i was feeling so trapped so when we stopped at a red light i told him to get out and he kept saying no and that i just needed to drive him to tyler's and then to his brothers and wouldn't get out so i got out of the car and started walking back towards my house and he moved my car to a side street and parked it there and came after me and i told him i'm not getting in if he was in it so i went back to the car and locked all the doors except the drivers door but when he couldn't get in he ran around and unlocked the doors before

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    • if anyone actually reads it all

    • i readed it all and if my girlfriend was like that to me then i was like alright whatever i will just do it no problem

  • no, wait for awhile.

    • that's what i was planning on doing but it really sucks coming home to an empty bed that smells like the person you love. just wondering if you read the whole thing or just what was in the updates. there's more in the conversations. if that's how he acts when we're fighting do you think he'll change? bc i never want to feel as out of control as i did today ever again but i also don't want to lose him.

    • by losing someone if you will make your life beautiful.. it's worth losing that person..

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