What should I do? Will he start regretting?

Okay guys! Now i really need your help... so my ex broke up with me 3 months ago and we were in no contact for 2,5 months.
The reason he broke up was because he no longer saw a future for us and wanted to Break up now so he didn't had to hurt me later..
two weeks ago he started talking to me and kind of flirted with me.. the last week i met him two times with mutural friends and he flirted with me and tried to be near me all the time.
so a couple of days ago he texted me saying he really misses me and he cried a lot.. but he said he doesn't regret breaking up and doesn't want to Get back together because he is afraid he will hurt me again and doesn't think it will work out..
but he wants to stay in contact and want to meet with me..
im really dont know What to do, cause Im still not over him and i want him back, but i think its too early to just be friends..
what should i do?
do you think he will start regretting?


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  • So many people your age have this idea that, when you break up, you are supposed to go back to being just friends. I don't know why you all think that because it is almost always a horrible idea.

    He wants you but he doesn't want you. He is so afraid of hurting you but he keeps you in limbo now without any apparent regard for what that is doing to your feelings at the present. Perhaps he is dealing with his guilt, but that is happening at the expense of your feelings, isn't it?

    Don't you deserve a guy who will commit to you? And what guy would be interested in a relationship with you if you are still meeting up with your ex?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Oh my gosh, please don't dig your own grave! You are literally gathering everything you need to self-destruct. It's very respectful of him to not be selfish/lead you by admitting he doesn't want you back, so take this opportunity to run! Away from him. You will only hurt yourself trying to convince him to like you back, while your attachment to him grows! Eeeek!

    • Okay Thanks.. so you think the best thing to do is to just cut contact? Do you think he will miss me Even more and want me back then?

    • Yes, I'd suggest to cut off all contact. Why does it matter if he will miss you more? He's had 2-5 months to miss you plenty. And he has missed you, but at the end of the day, he still does not see a future with you. You are in a huge denial of what he has told you and you still believe you can change his mind. It's not going to happen girlie, better to let it go! (:

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  • move on darling there is no point to wait for him he said clearly that it will not work out
    and if u still keep expectations from him then u r hurting urself get over him
    u will surely go far


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  • I think you shouldn't meet up with him just yet. You said yourself you're not over him and spending time with him now will just set you back. I think you should explain to him that you need more time before you can consider meeting with him just yet.

    • But do you think we will miss me Even more if i ignore him?

    • He could. But you shouldn't be focusing on him missing you. You should be focusing on getting over him.

  • Stay away. Protect yourself from the wishy washy mixed signals he is showing you. focus on your own life and heal. Besides the best way for him to not hurt you is to not be in your life. Since he can't seem to understand (or care) that he is hurting you, you need to take care of you. Stay away. Don't interact and focus on you.

    • Okay Thanks.. so you think the best thing to do is to just cut contact? Do you think he will miss me Even more and want me back then?

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    • But dont you think he will stop missing me after a long time of no contact?

  • If you stay in contact w/him, you will keep on hurting. I would suggest no contact and so what what if he regrets leaving you? He left you and will do so again in the future.


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