Why do I have hope?

So my ex and I been broken up for 2 months and she has another boyfriend already at first when we first broke up I was done with her and didn't want anything to know about her but recently I've been having hope about her why is that?


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  • Did she do anything in particular to give you hope, or are you just feeling hopeful that the two of you might get back together.

    Regardless of which of the two occurred, there was probably a reason why the two of you broke up, right? Assuming that's the case, and nothing changed about that reason in two months, you should move on. She's in your past, you should look to your future.

    • No not necessarily it just happened out of no where. Of course that's what I'm doing I'm taking to some girl but I'm still hooked on my ex I'm using her as a distraction pretty much

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    • No not exactly like that she posted something like "if we're meant to be time will tell" and "people can be in a relationship and love someone else" and that was like a day or two ago

      Yes of course I like being realistic not blinded I have to accept the fact that we aren't together and maybe never will be again just the thought of not have her by my side at times hurts I opened a business and hardly saw her and when I did she had homework to do and I wanted to go out. Also her mother didn't really like me cause I was never around and this new guy has more time on his hands and takes them out and kisses her ass something I would never do but definitely I have move on like she said only time can tell

    • That's a good outlook to have. Time will tell and until then, you both have to live your lives.

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