What kind of texts are meaningful and would be welcomed to girls?

instead of the obvious, "hey how's it going today" I hear like those are the kinds of texts girls find annoying everyday so what are some good things to text about if lets say we're both at work and can't talk but its boring lol. what kind of things should I talk about with her?


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  • this guy I like will randomly text me and just say "you're cute" and then we end up having a conversation. Just anything short and sweet that will let her know you want to talk. Or say "I'm bored at work and I was thinking of you" or text her if something in your day reminds you of her.

    • Thanks those are pretty good.

      if she's not interested tho will those kinda freak her out and make her think ur being stalkerish?

    • I mean, as long as you don't bombard her wth texts, she shouldn't think your'e stalkerish. Just don't text her more than once in a row if she doesn't reply.

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  • Just sweet nothings. Something short but thoughtful - doesn't have to necessarily start a conversation, it can just be a little something to let her know she was on your mind. Anything from a ";)" to a "hope your day is going well (insert compliment, ex: gorgeous/beautiful)". I think it's these little things that show that men can be a bit thoughtful too that always win major points with the ladies... Well, at least for me!


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  • "Just thinking or you. How is your day going?"


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