Deal breaker or not?

If a girl was in a wheelchair stuck in bed most of time, I'm agony and so many meds she can barely stay awake or remember things you've said. would you stay with her if you were already together or leave her, or would and if you were single would it stop you getting with her?


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  • this would honestly depend on the amount of time we've been together. The longer the years I've been with her, the more likely i would stay with her. this honestly depends on the guys attitude, memories and stuff. personally, i dont know, id need to know what we've done over the years to know if she's worth it


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  • That would be a deal breaker for me , unless we were already in a relationship.

    If I was in a relationship , and i loved him , then I'd stay loyal to him. I'd never turn my back on someone i love

    I'd befriend a guy in this position but I wouldn't enter into a relationship with him.

    One of the greatest tests of love was that of Christopher Reeve's
    ( superman) wife- Dana Reeve.

    After his horrific Injury he became paralysed from the neck down, but she stood by him and cared for him. Her loyalty and love for him never waverd

    .. but , if he was that severely disabled when she first met him, when she was younger, would she have entered into a relationship with him. I honestly don't think she would have. I can't imagine her being with him.. just to become his carer.


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  • Sheesh. Never leave her if i was with her already. If i was single, the chances of her being interested in a relationship would decrease. It wouldn't STOP someone from falling for her but the chances are low.


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  • If an accident causes that to my SO, I would leave. I know that sounds harsh but I would be a horrible caretaker. It would frustrate me that he would forget what I said. I would resent the care I had to give to make life okay for him. I don't think I could handle it and that isn't fair to him.

    • "If an accident causes that to my SO"

      Simple question - Would you like it if your husband leaves you if you are the one involved in the accident?

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    • @singlebee you obviously didn't get that I don't give af 😎

    • Same here 😎

  • It would be a deal breaker just becuase I feel like I'm not a nurturing person and I wouldn't want to hurt them.

  • im sorry but i;ll first feel pity for her, but if i was a boy/guy i'll try to love her so that she lives her life happy and she won't realize the pains


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