How do you deal with your boyfriend's crazy mom??

So I'm dating this guy, were in love, an he is so so so perfect to me. But his mom, is nuts! I haven't even met her yet but she will comment mean things about me on Facebook saying I'm not cute on his pictures. She will say rude things, I can hear her over the phone when I talk to him. She took his phone for no reason when she found out he liked me. And took the battery out of the house phone. He is an angel to her but she is not OK with us being together, I think she is jealous... What am I suppose to do? She really doesn't like me, I have had boyfriends with crazy moms all the time. but not like her... I love her and will deal with her because I love him and that's his mom, but DAMN! I really am not OK with it, as soon as we graduate were gonna hit the road but how can I deal with this for a year? I don't really wanna meet her, she scares me already and I think she went through his phone and saw a picture of me in my bra (was for the boyfriend) . Its like that movie mother in law. Have you guys ever had this happen?


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  • Omg yes! I have had something like this.

    My ex boyfriends mother was a mother from hell!

    she constantly brought me down, when I was over she ignored me and talked to her precious son all the time. she was always phoning him even when he was at college!

    it was insane she never left him alone! and it eventually got to him.

    she phoned him one time when I was in the car asking him if he was happy with me and if he was sure I was the one he wanted to be with as I am apparently controling because I take him away from her.. I seen him ONCE a f*cking week.

    she constantly threw her opinions about told me she didn't like me with her son and eventualy it got so much I walked. not because I didn't love him, but because I wasn't allowed to.

    If you don't wanna meet her dont. if he is an only child or her only boy then you can unsterstand why she is being a crazy b*tch. just forget her. your not in a relationship with her are you?

    but it might cause friction between you and your man. just becareful how you approach this. if he wants you to meet her go for it but be the most respectable lovely person she has ever met and she will look like the b*itch ;)


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