My ex won't leave me alone help?

He cheated on me with multiple girls at the same time and lied but I was still friends with him after we broke up (I was stupid I know) but last month he said he wanted me back but I wanted to be friends so he said there's no point of talking to me cos I didn't want to be his girlfriend again and he stopped texting for a few days so I had enough of him so I stopped texting him and blocked him on everything and now he keeps texting me has his friends texting me and stalking me on my social medias. I don't ever want to talking to him ever again.

How do I get him to stop? Please help! :(


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  • Just play the waiting game. Keep ignoring and eventually he will give up.

  • police complain 😂😂😂
    block everyone
    insult publicly
    any or all of them


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