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Lately I've thinking bout this girl I dated last year, we never became serious but we were seeing each other for a little while, but we stopped due to insecurities on both of our parts , I had moved on and so did she as we both started dating other people, I haven't seen her since graduation, nor have we spoken to each other because she blocked me on social media, and I didn't really care at the moment, but couple days ago she just popped into my head , and I haven't stop thinking bout her since , I'm considering getting back with her but I'm not sure if she hates me or wants me because she's always giving me mixed signals after we had stopped talking


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  • There's never any harm or hurt in letting someone know you've been thinking about them. It means you care about them.

  • Reach out to her. Life is too short to hold back how you feel about someone. If you don't, you may always question
    " what if" and " if only" At least if she rejects you , you'll be able to move on from her.

    • I want to but I also think that if I was to ever bump into her in person, then I know it was destined to be

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