My ex isn't making me move forward, help?

She keeps popping back up into my life. We broke up because she wasn't ready to commit. I felt led on. So we went no contact, i did anyway and blocked her completely. Signs she is reaching out.

•she added my mom on facebook
•found out i was dating through my mom
•asked my mom for my number but never called
•planned a meet up with me but never showed
•tells my mom how much she has changed
•asks my mom if im dating the same girl after her
•said she spent vday on her own on valentines day
•told my mom she wanted a flower from me on vday
•said she is dating this really smart guy to my mon
•apparently is trying to get a job in my area, where i am located (same office)

She won't buzz off, i have done no reaching out. When i see her i say hi and keep it light...

I've had enough, what can i do to stop her. Im moving on but she isn't helping...


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  • Do not take her back into your life, she will never be ready to commit, but she will try and hold you back. Its the most hurtful when someone isn't "ready". Let her go and find someone who will, she will hold you on a hook then drop you when she meets another guy.

  • Perhaps you should let your mom know your situation? That you want to move on and if she keeps tabs on you through your mom that it's not helping you. Clearly your mom is also playing a role relaying these messages. Talk to your mom, have her unfriend your ex (and probably just make sure she doesn't friend any of your exes in the future).

    • So it is that obvious she is trying to keep tabs on me, isn't it?

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    • Not sure if she has a lot of close female friends but it sounds like she needs friends. Like I'd never tell an ex's mom those personal details about my life, that's the stuff you complain to your female friends about over Sunday brunch.

      I think I get it. I think you recognize that she needs help moving forward and hope that this talk will not only stop her from keeping tabs on you but help her move on too. That said, you probably should talk to your mom too, just in case she doesn't listen, or give her time, if she follows through and stops keeping tabs then you don't need to talk to your mom, if she doesn't follow through and still keeps tabs on you through your mom then talk to your mom. It's up to you.

    • Thanks so much, this was exactly what i needed

  • She is obviously reaching back into you life. That really smart boyfriend she told you mom about? She's probably trying to make you jealous. If you haven't moved on, reach out to her again and ask her for coffee. "Feel her out" if you know what I mean. Talk to her face to face.

    • So you think i need to reach out now? It is weird right? Its doing my head in because i haven't reached out?

    • I personally think you should reach out. But only if you are comfortable; if it is really killing you that she might be trying to get back together, it might not be a good a idea

    • I hope this helped

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