Is my ex showing signs of wanting to get back together?

So many details but here are the main ones. We broke up last November. It wasn't working out and she initiated the break up. I ignored her for awhile and she hated that. She contacted me on Facebook and tried to insult me blah blah blah. Eventually, she wrote me saying she was sorry and she wants to be friends. I said whatever, and we talked every once and awhile via text. At this time, I was seeing different girls, and she had a boyfriend.

Recently, she and her guy broke up. She has been contacting me talking about the breakup. She is looking for my advice. They are kind of taking a break, but they have been seeing each other lately and having sex. In the meanwhile, I am recently single and have been telling her about the girls I have been seeing. We flirt, tease, and banter with each other on a mild level. I just don't get why she keeps talking to me about her boyfriend or ex or whatever he is.

I saw her recently and she looks better than ever, and I really didn't want it to end the first time. So I would def be open to reigniting our relationship. The problem is I am unclear if she is showing interest or just being friendly.


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  • Hi,

    Sometimes girls talk about there relationship with another boy, just to show that they are being interested from other boys, to feel they are beautiful and attracting!

    she is coming close to you, and became friend to you again, that's a good sign!

    she wants to make you jealous from her ex bf! That is obvious!

    I think she might look getting back with you, but I am not sure!

    the question is, are you interested in her?

    if yes try to be more friendly with her, so that she can show you more!

    but if you are undecided, she won't show you if she really likes you or not!

    she won't because, she doesn't know how you feel about her!

    I wish you good luck you too ;)


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