Hurt my Ex got promoted?

So I work with my ex, and she got promoted and it really hurts me.

I know she works hard and deserves it, but why does it hurt me so much?

I still have feelings, she is moving up in the world and has a new boyfriend.

I'm not going anywhere, I can't move on, My heart just stings.

Please help stop the stinging feeling.


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  • Because you're a jealous child who can't be happy for other people?

    You want it to stop hurting? Move on like she has.

    • Usually I would always be happy for a friend.

      Am I jealous of her?

      I really wish she loved me, I don't know where things went wrong... I'm so emotional...

      She won't talk to me...

      I'm in a horrible place.

      My heart hurts.

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    • Ask a therapist.

    • I guess I don't have a choice

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  • So you're hurt that she's doing well at her job? I think it might be more appropriate to say you're sad she's not a mess over the break up or that you're hurt she's moving on with other men

    • Both, I'm a complete mess and she has it together...

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