How do I tell her?

So my ex and I have been broken up for 2 months and has a new boyfriend and seem like they are very happy with each other. But her and I have our phone service together I have 2 lines and she has 2 lines as well I been wanted to switch out but I need my number and I can't Cancel cause I'll lose my number so I need her to drop the line or something. With that being said I called her today trying to talk about it but she didn't answer but mins later was on social media I feel like texting her but I don't know what exactly to say to grab her attention I want to tell her something like " discard everything that happened between us but I really want to talk about the phone lines" I'm hoping for a reply but I don't know if I will what do you guys think I can say with out her thinking I want to talk to her


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  • Just be like "Hey, I want to switch my phone line and need you to drop my line" or something like that. Make no mention of her or her relationship or anything other than the phone. It will be tempting but no.


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