What would you guys do?

if you knew you would move after 3 months

and your at the moment where you might enter a relationship

and you already like him A LOT.. but your moving to another country in 3 months...HELP


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  • You don't enter into the relationship. You move on. Can't enter into that relationship. End of story.


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  • Don't enter the relationship, it won't end well, it can't. The girl I love moved back to her country after just 6 months and I'm struggling to forgive her because she only told me she was leaving with about 2 months to go...

    • Its hard to let go of him though :(

    • I know but you're gonna have to, there's no other way. The deeper and more intimate you get with him now, the more pain and regret it will definitely cause you later. Trust me 4 years of heartache isn't easy, its blocking my feelings towards other girls, I can't love again until I move on but how can I with no closure.

  • i wouldn't enter the relationship. I would actually try to avoid the person. I'm in that situation right now.


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