What do you guys do when you're upset?

do when you're upset ?


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  • I try to be alone and think things over. If that doesn't seem to be working I play metal really loud until I can't think about whatever caused my being upset anymore :D

    • Lol I listen to figure/ UNTIL I figure things out... ha ha

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  • Hmm... tricky question! I try not do dwell on what ever it is that's upseting me. But I usually keep it to myself and deal with it ect... where as girls will usually talk about their problems with their girl mates.

    • Thats a stereotype... lots of girls like to go off by themselves to sort things out.

      i personally, find it distracting to talk to girls about it, ESPECIALLY if its about a guy.

      having five people tell you someone is a jerk, is actually disturbing, annoying, distracting & of course POINTLESS...lol

      i like to go running hiking or meditate listen to music realllllly loud, till I feel calm, then I look at my situation , see what I can do to solve it, & avoid repeating- if I was at fault :)

    • Yep. I agree with toulouse. Sometimes talking to friends about something wrong can make it worse; you get a whole range of different ideas and suggestions and just kinda re-hash everything. There is a time and a place for talking with friends but often its easier to just go for a run and forget about it, then deal with it when you are calm.

  • To the bros we let them know upfront. Girts we tend to want them to figure it out. sound familar?


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