Girl's Male Best friend vs. Boyfriend?

I don't feel my best friend who is a girl, cares for me. She adores my love and how I support her all time, but whenever I need support or am sad or when I try to resolve issues between us due to this, she says she isn't in the mood, like always. Sometimes she would cry because she is afraid to lose me and sometimes she would not give a shit about me. Whenever I try to point out she says you are not my boyfriend and if you will try to take his place things will go shit. Do girls really need mood to solve issues? I feel left out, but I also don't want to break up with her. How do I make her realize I too need love?


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  • i think you need a new friend tbh.


What Guys Said 1

  • Sounds like my ex, sometimew girls just need more commitment in your masculine push and courting, but most times they are using you. Guy friends and girl friends both do this but girl to a higher extent because society allows a higher leeway on girl dependancy issues and co-dependance influences. You just have to assess your priorities and hers, if and when you are ready, decide for yourself, a masculine push all or nothing trade, giving space for time healing and procrastination or break it off for both your mental health. Ultimately the choice is yours. I asked around and went for a masculine push, she ended up as an ex but better than one night stands or had a horrible break up. Close friends often have more peaceful altercations, otherwise you would know if the relationship was 'close' to begin with


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