If a person is not ready for a relationship?

Lets say you go on a few dates with a guy or girl. How do you respond if the guy or girl tells you that they enjoy spending time with you, but they aren't ready for a relationship? Would you still hang out with them? If so why? If not why?

Would you want to know right away?

Do you think its something that should be talked about on the first date?

Would you be ok finding out after a few dates?


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  • The sooner a girl tells me this, the better. I'd want to know by the 3rd date, if possible. If she has a cool personality and we click well together, I'd still want to keep her as a friend without expecting anything more, simply because I like keeping nice, good people as friends.

    • :) Perfect answer.

      if ALL Guys & girls for that matter, could just believe hat women have this very same outlook then it would be really good lol

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    • Honesty is definitely the best policy. But what would happen if the girl really liked you....I mean would you still want to hang out with her knowing you may be leading her kinda sorta? Or vice versa, if you really liked the girl, would you be able to put your feelings aside and keep it friendly?

    • Well it really depends.on the persons personality. Some people can become just friends. With other people its not the same... you can tell, they are always hoping you change your mind.

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  • after a few dates no ! that's leading on and not good. uhm hmm it could be brought up on the first date but she or he should give the person a chance and test the waters. if they still do not feel as if they are not ready then stay friends or move on. depends on the person

  • 1. That is probably a brush-off to end the dating or

    2. A way to escalate becoming FWB

    If a guy wants FWB or a no-strings deal, they not only will tell you they are not ready for a relationship but they would probably tell you what they did want and they would be more frank than to say they like hanging out with you.

    Otherwise, if someone did not tell you right away they were not ready for a relationship, I would say they either were confused and just did not know their own mind and dating helped them realize what was going on, or they are just trying to brush you off without hurting your feelings.

    In any case I would not date them anymore. I have plenty of friends, I don't need some random guy to hang out with.

  • Depends how much I have invested in the person...if we're close friends and feelings are involved, it would hurt me beyond belief that they didn't want a relationship and wanted to still hang out. I am kinda living this right now. But definitely this is something that should be said on the first date just to make sure everyone is on the same page. Just my 2 cents.

    • On the first date, really? I would think that is way to soon to be talking about anything that has to do with a relationship.

    • Well I personally don't date much so if I actually do go on a date with someone it's because we've been talking for some time prior (phone/email/etc) and I'm curious. I rather kill my hopes sooner than later so I can move on quicker.

      I've made the mistake of waiting til later to ask and then felt stupid when I was told that right now they didn't want anything serious when I was looking for something serious.

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