Crazy situation about my sister & her ex - crazily obessed or sincere? please please help, she so needs it

My sister got out of a year relationship 3 months ago. Her ex boyfriend had sex with another girl which was why she broke up with him. He was a complete asshole to her the whole time they were going out, they fought constantly but she put up with it. He controlled her, didn’t trust her, treated her like sh*t & she lost most of her friends because of him. Now 3 months later after this huge blowout with the police &his family about her staying away from him &his work(when it was more of him staying away from her), she's thinking about going back out with him. His family hates her & yes hate is a strong word but I can say I hate him, he is the biggest douche bag you will ever meet. I Can't believe how she would ever think about going back with him she is so stupid. The big thing is her age she's 14 almost 15 & he just turned 18, disgusting I know. He is crazily obsessed with her he claims she's the love of his life and that he's changed. He even got a tattoo with her initials when they weren’t even going out and he had a girlfriend at that. He had sex with his new girlfriend after two weeks which is a slap in the face to my sister right there. this whole situational is wrong on so many levels, I can't understand why she would want to go back out with him after how much of a d*** he was too her. Your thoughts advice please, I tell her to move on but she doesn’t listen to what I have to say, I need advice on this more than ever, so if you took the time to read it thank you & please help. He is doing everything he can to get her back even saying he's going to the army in a month if she doesn’t want him back.

( I put this under the sexuality category because more people would see it sorry I just need all the advice I can get.)


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  • The reason it sounds like she wants to get back with him is he actually gives her attention. This is actually the reason why a lot of people will stay in bad relationships or go back out with ex's. She probably feels sad and lonely and this is the easy way to at least feel a little better; she would prefer some attention over no attention. Ideally she needs a nice/normal/loving guy to swoop in and give her that attention. However, unless you can make a miracle happen it's doubtful she's going to meet anyone when she's preoccupied wanting to get back with her ex.

    Also, given her age it's harder to convince her to see the error of her ways. Every parent tries to tell their kid things to do or not do based on their own experience, but just about every kid still goes out and does it anyway because people often don't learn/understand until they experience it themselves.

    What may help is if there was a role model that she looked up to that could talk to her about the situation, someone she would really listen to. It's gotten to the point now where she probably doesn't put much stalk into what you or your parents say about the guy.

    • Thankyou SO much I never thought about it that way. I know eveyone see's it but her, I just want her not to get hurt again & be happy but with him I don't think its possible at this point. I am gonna try and figure out who that person she can talk to is, probably her best friend. Thanks again :)

  • ...she sounds like she craves attention- that's why she put up with this jackass


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