Really Attracted to Girl? Hurt? a?

It's unrequited love I guess.

She is the prettiest girl in the world to me.

She is smart and works really hard, she has moved up so much at work, keeps getting promotions.

She has a sweet voice and is super caring and empathetic.

She is funny and always gets into crazy antics.

She is the most perfect girl I have laid eyes on.

No other girl is as good as I her and I really want her but she rejected me and I can't get over her.


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  • Rejection can be very painful, but you have no choice but to accept it. If you don't, you'll miss out on the opportunity of finding a girl who does want to be with you. Try to focus your attention on things other than her , and you'll graduallly move on from her

    • I really won't ever find a girl like her :'(

      I'm so hurt, anxious, to the point I'm seriously having emotional problems.

      I can't get over her.

    • Thanks :)

      I am very sorry for how you feel , but you will only move on if you accept is isn't meant to be. You have to let her go , for your own emotional well-being

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