Do I reply or not?

I've been friends with benefits with this guy for two months, got sick of it and he asked for more first. I said on Monday meet me by Thursday to talk or we are done. (I explained and gave reasons). He said no Friday earliest I said no, it's done.
He's messaged today saying are we really done after I've said we are... do I say yes again or just leave it?
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  • What do you mean by he asked for more? You want to break up or to be his gf?

    • He asked me to be his girlfriend.
      I wasn't sure.. asked to meet.. (some other stuff) and then this question

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    • I said that we really needed to talk first as we've had a few arguments that haven't really been resolved. So I asked him to come round to mine Thursday or earlier and even though he could of as we always hook up Tuesday and Thursday he said no not till Friday. He was just avoiding the talk and last time we met to talk all we did was fuck - I think he was stringing me along so and I got sick of it. So yeah I changed my mind.

    • So what I think is: meet him somewhere where you can't fuck. If he is interested in a relationship, and in you in level higher than just physical pleasure, he'll be interested in just having a coffee with you, going to the cinema etc. I think you may have scared him by saying "we need to talk" - every guy hates that. The important thing is that you know how much he cares about you and what your relationship is and you don't necessarily need to say that you are a bf/gf or I love you etc. cause he is maybe scared of commitment and scared of saying these things but it doesn't mean he doesn't care about you. :-)

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  • if you're the one who ended it, make a clean break and stick to your guns.

  • Dont bother with someone like that it is not good if he just drags you back to him

  • Just leave it. He's not worth it.

    • Thank you for commenting :)

  • jus leave it u deserve beta dan dat

    • Thanks for your response.

  • Just let it go and move on

  • Walk away!!!


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