Guys, confused about an email I received. Does he want me back? Or just the sex?

Last winter I started dating a guy who I met online. Things were great for about the first 4 months, until he got a new job which took up a lot of his time. I was understanding about it and very supportive about it. The issue was that I felt I was no longer a priority in his life. I should point out that we live nearly 2 hours from each other. It was never an issue and we would see each other every weekend. We got a lot really well too. I definitely developed feelings for him also. But I began to feel that he was not making much of an effort to spend time together. So, I felt that it was best to let him go and I ended it over the summer. Problem was, I never have gotten over him. I was completely honest with him about my feelings for him the whole time. So after nearly 6 months of hardly any communication, I get an email from him yesterday. He says he still thinks of me every day. I am not sure what to make of this. Does he want to give things another try or what?


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