Went to visit family during the week, and came back a day earlier, saw my wife naked having sex with another guy, she doesn't know I saw what do I do?

We are both 23 years old and I thought she was the one she always used to talk about us having kids or living our lives out together and i honestly thought I was all true, I loved this girl a lot and honestly I still do, i just am still in shock as to why she would do this. I was there for her through hard times and she always said I was a great husband and before that a great boyfriend and that was perfect, when she was in trouble financially I paid off all of her student debt and bought her a car, I even took a loan out in my name and strapped myself financially to make sure she was okay, and she never showed any signs of being unhappy, she always said she loved me and laughed at me, I just don't get it, this came out of nowhere, after I saw her I went to a hotel and came back the next day when I said I would be getting home, we greeted each other but she doesn't know that I know, I also have done some research on this guy and heard from word of mouth through gossip (I know everybody knows except me the idiot) that this guy is an up and coming lawyer superstar apparently and from word of mouth has been seeing my wife for awhile, what do I do?


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  • You leave! I did a myTake on this just yesterday. I was once married to a cheater who came home with an STI. We e enthralling divorced, thank God, and now I have had an incredible marriage to a wonderful man for the past ten years. There is no way she is the person you once believed her to be. Move on.

    • But why would she do it, why, I just don't get it, it just doesn't make sense.

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    • Do you have any info on Colorado divorce or how it will affect me the process etc?

    • I don't... I went through my divorce in SC. You have to be separated for a year here before you can divorce. The funny thing is, his engagement announcement was in the paper the DAY AFTER our divorce announcement ran. He was engaged to someone else within 3 weeks, but was also cheating on his fiancĂ©. It helped me to see how much better off I would be. How long have you guys been married?

  • Throw all of her stuff in the backyard. Light it on fire. Divorce. Take yourself on an amazing vacation.

    • Do you know anything about divorce in Colorado?

  • Seek legal council and have them tell you what to do from here. If it's smartest to drain account or whatever. Find out if you live in a fault state as well.

    • I live in Colorado, if you have any info about how the process is here?

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    • allimony in most (if not all) states works generally where kids are involved and you've been married for at least 10years... kids aren't always needed but generally thats what helps. I know someone who divorced her husband on their 10 anniversary for that reason... he had talked her into quitting her job to raise the kids and so that he could take his business to the next level... he cheated and she almost left but talked to a lawyer who told her to wait a year for allimony and she took everything (no fault state as well). If your marriage didn't cause her to change her life and career or pass up promotions (ie like kids will do sometimes) and you haven't been married for 10 years your probably fine and won't have to worry about this but your lawyer may tell you to drain the accounts right before you told her, anything on the books is getting split. If she doesn't know you know and won't find out I'd do it slow but you should really get a lawyer cause they can tell you what you can do.

    • maybe get a storage unit in someone else's name and start saving things that are yours that you don't want to go on file that way they don't get split... get rid of receipts but I'd keep it small and only really do it with stuff you may have gotten from your family passed down and whatnot.

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