If you really wanted to move out of your ex's house, and you were already living somewhere else, why wouldn't you just get it done?

My ex of 27 years moved out four months ago, she's moved two car loads of stuff, but hasn't taken anything in weeks.

My question:

If she wanted to leave so badly, why wouldn't she take all of her belongings and be gone? She has her own storage unit.


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  • Good question. You need to ask her. She's the only one who knows. We can only guess.

    • I need guesses, she's trying to date, but also says she's interested in working on things slowly with me, but she won't commit either way...

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    • We just had a huge misunderstanding, one that lasted years, we didn't necessarily grow apart, but allowed resentment to eat us. I'd like to reconcile with her, she's playing rough right now, but I really don't think she wants to really end it all. Our last solid stretch together was 17 years...

    • Only you can make this decision. Huge misunderstandings that last years does not lead me to believe you had a good relationship. You had a contentious relationship at best and that is not good. If your partner and you can't discuss misunderstandings and come to an agreement or you just decide to agree to disagree, you have a bad relationship. Again, I would not want her back. At best, she's not good for you. A good and healthy relationship just doesn't work the way your does.

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