Did I over react?

Dating this guy i met online for one year. The first month we just friends but we started dating after two months. We had a good sexual relationship for two months then after he stopped touching me but would still stay the night and take me out. I met his family but still no physical. I spoke to him about numerous times about it and his reply was he's tired and why does a relationship have to be about sex. Now he calls me when he wants to and only comes to see me if he thinks something has happened to me when I'm quiet. I asked him whether he wants to settle with and he said I'm the only one for him but this is how he is. I told him I need a break to think things through and he should do the same his reply was ok. Was it wrong?


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  • NOOOO! You reacted like a sane, normal person. He's not normal. He has sex until he has you and then cuts you off? In my opinion, he showed you dishonesty and a lack of respect that you deserve. A loving, caring man does not do this. This isn't really about him. It's about you and whether you can go without sex in your relationship including marriage. He owed it to you to be honest right away about something like this, not let you get all involved and then tell you when you have a problem with it. If you don't need sex in your relationship, continue on. If you do need it, move on. You need an honest man that shows you the respect you deserve.

    • Thank you. He's always saying his ex wife used to physically abused him and that's why he has issues. He's always following porn on social media and ignores my requests. I did the right thing

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    • It's so sad. Used as an extra fun tool yes but in a relationship with porn no.

    • Free porn on the internet has caused a ton of problems and this is one of them. It's a sad commentary on our society being so liberal that they think it's okay, especially for kids. I'm not saying I've never watched porn because I have. The difference is that it was once in a while, not a major thing in my life. I enjoy a real woman, not one on a screen!

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