What does it mean when an ex is being hot and cold and what can I do?

I still have feelings for my ex, she still texts me and we still hang out. Somedays I feel that she is into me and somedays I feel like she completely moved on. I confronted her about my feelings once and she said that she loves me but not enough to be in a relationship with me. The other day she said that she still loves me at a party while drunk. What should I do? And I really can't move on thinking my ex might be into me.. also I can't stop seeing her since we have friends in common.
It's a tough one so I really appreciate your answers folks !


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  • Exactly what she says - she cares about you but doesn't want a relationship, meaning a relationship is off the table for you.
    So you need to decide what to with that information. Are you ok to continue the current arrangement of hanging out but knowing you can't be in a relationship?
    Personally I would ask her to give you some space while you take some time to get over her and get your head cleared for dating again. Just because you have mutual friends doesn't mean you need to hang out, if you happen to see each other out be polite but why put yourself in a painful position when she has told you she doesn't want a relationship?
    Good luck with it, I hope you can find a situation that works for you 😊


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