How long should I wait to start dating someone else after a two year relationship?

I'm over her already if that's important.


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  • Really no one can answer that but you. Because we don't know how your relationship was and we can't judge from that. All that matters is that you have to make yourself happy and do what's best for you. This depends all on the person.. so, if you're ready then go out and search!

    • I'm honestly looking for a wife material girl

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    • I'm a year away from having a bachelor's in mechanical engineering.

    • Great job! That's great. You need to do what you want to do. No one can tell you what to do but yourself.

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  • Once you're ready then you can start dating. There's no time limit.

  • I started dating three days after my last break up haha (was a year)

    • Isn't that wrong?

    • Well the relationship was done a while before just it took a while to actually break up. I was over it so i went on a few dates had some fun free food and drink etc

    • Better than moping around eating ice cream really

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