New flame turns to unavoidable change?

I met a guy a couple weeks ago and everything was great. We want the same things in life. We are definitely attracted to one another, I mean I know I am attracted to him for sure. We have slept together a couple times and we agreed we weren't seeing anyone else. We talked about where we see ourselves together in 6 month. And then, a friend of his passed away (last Friday) I've been giving him lots of space but still letting him know I'm here. We were still texting every morning and then the last two days he stopped talking. Finally I text him asking if everything was okay and he told me no, that he's in a really bad place right now and that he's really sorry. I told him I'm sorry to hear that and I'm still here for him, but I'm going to leave him alone and give him his space. He text back and said "thank you for being incredible". I can't help but feel heartbroken because did I just end it on accident. I mean now I feel like I have to wait for him to reach out to me. I'm trying to be sensitive about the passing of his friend, but on the other I'm going crazy. I thought I was falling for him, now I just feel heartbroken. What do I do guys?


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  • leave him some space, thats a very difficult. thing to go through, it doesn't mean he doesn't want or like you anymore

    • I know. But I just feel like if I give him space gets going to forget about me.

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    • yeah i saw, could be polite though

    • I talked to a coworker of mine and he says that it seems like he is just putting us on hold so he can grieve and do it without worrying about someone else

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  • Move on


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