How to let a girl know you like her and get her to like you back?

I want to know how to let a girl know you like her and have her like you back. I'm shy so I'm not that outgoing. I've had girlfriends before but they either asked me out or I knew they liked me. I could really use some help. like I know to compliment her but I don't know any good things to say


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  • Good compliments -

    - Tell her things you like about her personality

    - Tell her what you think of her looks, brains, humor

    - When she's wearing something you like or she just generally looks great, you make sure you let her know

    If you spend time on her and are verbal about the positive things about what you think of her, she'll get the signal. You WOULD benefit though by getting to know each other better because then that should help you pinpoint the right time to ask her out because you'll be able to get a good hint on whether she likes you back or not.

    Signs she likes you back: She is definitely into spending time with you, she calls/texts you (it's not just YOU doing it, it should be an equal thing), she notices stuff about you, she either positively accepts the compliments or they make her blush, etc etc.


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