Is it ever possible to gain a woman's respect after being needy, and insecure?

Long story short, after 6 months of generally worshiping her and being a weak man, with the occasional doing things right and her being back into me... she dumped me. I of course reached out, I tried to contact her through friends of friends, etc... I was embarrassingly needy and insecure, especially at the end. I have learned a lot since this woman left me for a guy who I actually thought was a friend (1 year ago). I now have dated many women and been a lot stronger and I'm in a new relationship where I feel she loves me more than I actually love her (this worries me a bit too).

But in the end, will this woman ever respect me again? especially if she choses to never talk to me again (largely due to my behavior but also because she left me for a friend and felt bad).. as a foot note, he recently dumped her.


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  • Wait. You're DATING someone right now and yet still trying to date some other girl?

    • no. I am not.

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    • she WAS my girlfriend... she dumped me for my friend BEHIND MY BACK.. I only found out she was seeing him after being suspicious and quasi stalking her online activity which she though she had blocked me from... this so called friend of mine has since dumped her and he was not as nice to her as I was... that was really my biggest problem is that I was TOO NICE... even he said so much before he went behind my back to see her and also stopped talking to me.

      Yes, it's complicated and yes, I want to completely move on, but clearly Im on here because I'm struggling with my legacy with her..

    • Honey the more you talk about this disaster of a relationship the worse it sounds :/

      You just have to let go of the whole situation.

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