Does it sound like he is coming back...;(.

To make it short, my boyfriend asked for a break for a few weeks to see where things stand. He told me he didn't know if it would be forever, but he told people that he got tired of that fact that whenever he tried to help me with problems, I blew up. And that he thought that everything he said or did would p*ss me off.

So this all happen Thursday, its obviously not Wednesday night and I was talking to one of his close friends Julie and she was with him when I was texting and we were talking about the problems and she was telling me stuff like, " Everything he says to you apparently p*ssed you off so he gave up and now he's done with it."

And this makes me feel like it's over for good. If that was true than why did he say we might get back together. I then asked this girl Julie why I couldn't talk to him about this and she said, "He feels bad but he doesn't want to."

She told me to give him at least until Monday...but I'm scared he won't even want to talk then...he said he wanted a few weeks.

We were together for a year...


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  • You aren't going to like this answer but it's true and I'm going to say it anyway. No one likes to be yelled whenever they are trying to help especially if the trend seems to be all the time. Wouldn't you get p*ssed at him if he yelled at you every time you try to say something that you hoped would make him feel better. You might even react by yelling back or walking away and not talking to him for a while. And if his reaction is always to yell at you, then wouldn't you eventually throw up your hands and not try anymore?

    He might come back if you talk to him and explain that you will be better about expressing your emotions. Before you start blowing up in his face you need to take a step back, think about the consequences of blowing up and if you are ok with it. If you are ok with the thought of him leaving you then continuing doing what you do to him. But if you aren't ok with that then you need to talk to him like you would want him to talk to you if the roles were reversed.

    Or he might decide that he is done with your attitude and the relationship and call quits. It's a 50-50 chance.


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