He ended then said this?

My boyfriend of 6 months ended it with me saying he doesn't know how he feels , he then deletes are profile pictures on Facebook then he texts me saying he's made a mistake and he loves me , we talk and the phone and he said he went to delete the pictures on his phone of us and couldn't do it , he said the thought of losing you to someone else and he loves me , I feel weary now as he said he wasn't sure if he loved me and couldn't see a future with me and now he says this :/ I do love him and we are back together , is this normal for someone to do what he has done?
I forgot you add he's started a new antidepressant tablet maybe this could be doing it?


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  • allmost that time he told you he doesnot know how he feel.. he was depressed.. maybe he came bk for you because he started to cope with depression and he reminded his mistake.. i think about 70% what he said that he loves you is true.. and he came bk bc he felt that you may be to help him over come his depression.. you should help him


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  • I think its normal.
    People go through phases in a relationship and it doesn't always follow an approved plan.
    He may have panicked, ended it all, then realised his mistake.
    Also, he's taking antidepressants so maybe he thought that you would be better off without him or that he just needed some time to work out his emotions.

    • He said he wasn't sure if he loved me and if he was sure he wouldn't feel
      That way , then suddenly he. Calls saying I think I've made a mistake and he loves me... the thing is I'm feeling insecure now I don't know if he means it anymore because I've never told him I didn't love him I just feel he's destroyed things :(

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    • He dud say he wants us to be together properly one day as in moving in and he said sorry for hurting you and he was a idiot

    • Ok, so put it down to erractive behaviour - an episode of uncertainty.
      Give him another shot at trying to prove what he says and just watch what he does.
      If you don't want to speak any further about it then leave it for the moment but don't dwell on it too much otherwise it will eat into you all the time.
      Good luck with it all.

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  • As others have said, he is jerking you around. My ex left me in the same way, though he did say for me to date other guys (which I am doing). Its not fair to you for him to ask you to wait cause he freaking left you! When I broke up w/my 1st serious boyfriend, I didn't BS him, I loved him, but allowed him and myself to move on. Your best move is to work on you and find someone who sure about w/you, even if he does come back, you will never trust that he won't leave you again.

  • not normal to me. guys only dump me one time there is no second chance. i think he is circle jerking you and will again


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