Have anyone experienced this n still be in the marriage?

I'm married to my High school sweetheart, been having problems, his family does not like me, they don't come around my kids. recently my husband travel to our country n cheated n got a girl pregnant, he told the girl so much about me, n she's been insulting me, I saw pictures of them in bed n I have them in my possession. His family are encouraging him, But I'm still with my husband, we've been together for 16 years, we have 2 beautiful children, a boy n a girl, should I stay for the children, n some part of me still love him but I don't know how this gonna turn out. Pls advised


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  • I don't think this sounds like a stable relationship.
    And the relationship between you and your kids is irrelevant to your relationship with their father.
    If you leave him, the kids will hurt initially, but if you explain the situation to them, it'll be OK in time


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  • If you didn't have children with him would you stay? Is he displaying the morals and ethics that you want your children to absorb? If he doesn't want to be in the marriage, that's fine - people fall out of love and marriages just don't work out sometimes.
    But to deliberately disrespect you in front of his family and your children, then continue to do so by having a child and allowing this other woman to degrade you is wrong. Not a chance would I stay for my children to witness that. I'd much rather be on my own than have them around that kind of behaviour


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  • this is far too complicated and personal to get a bunch of opinions from people who have no invested interest in the outcome.


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