What do girls think and feel when a guy complete ignores her existence?

So I guess a coworker liked me, became my friend for 2 years.
I asked her out but she didn't like me.
She distanced herself from me. Ouch

Now I'm all alone without a lunch buddy missing her. She ignores me when I try to talk to her. She still says Bye with a mean tone. Heartbreaking.

How do you think she'd feel if I completely ignore her existence? never talk to her even if she talks to me. never look her way etc


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  • some think it's a challenge, some write you off and pretend you don't exist.

  • Stop thinking about how she feels and focus on your own feelings. If ignoring her gets you past your romantic feelings for her and gets you ready to date other people, fine.

    But don't be a rude dick. Don't act like she's acting. If she says hello, be polite and say hello, just don't have an in-depth conversation with her. No personal stuff, just hello, how are you, then end the talk.

    And you ARE coworkers, so if you have to talk to get your job done, do it -- if you two can't move past personal stuff and it affects either of your ability to do the job, then your employer is fully justified in firing you both. But limit conversation to work-related stuff.

  • She might not care if she's been going on this way


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