Is it okay to still be hurt/angry after a breakup? How do I move on? ?

We broke up a couple weeks ago. It wasn't a nasty break up but my feelings were definitely hurt. Long story short we broke up because we clearly weren't meant to be together and he said he didn't have feelings for me anymore. You could imagine that I was really hurt but we agreed to be friends. Now a month after splitting I've been on dates and talking to other people but I'm not truly interested in anyone and I still continue to talk to and have sex with my ex. I'm still very hurt by the break up and I feel a little less confident in myself and relationships. I don't know how to let go of the situation because every day I realize the things that were wrong in the relationship. It's more to think about it because I see how poorly I was being treated ( but because he didn't like me any more he treated me less like his girl friend and almost like a friend, not even a close friend). Honestly I'm truly broken by this, but we "moved on" from it so I don't want to bring it up. It's really dwelling on me and hurting me. I don't know how to feel or take it. According to everyone else in gorgeous and I have a great personality but I find it difficult to see that when things like this happen.


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  • First off... dont say the word "we"... things are initiated by one or the other.
    Second... replacement works for me. What you are doing now is putting yourself on "the hook". You are now officially his "fall back girl". if he can't score outside... he'll call you, and with your feelings.. you will come running in the hopes you can rekindle something.
    you can be hurt and angry, it happens... but this whole friendship "agreement", never works immediately after... trust me. Find someone else to replace him, THEN come back and make the agreement. Chances are, once he sees you have moved on, he'll want back in. Don't do it.
    Tried and tested technique as an ex-player... works either way.

    • No see you're like trying to make it seem like I'm dumb which I'm not. I know we're not getting back together nor do I want to. And the sex is my idea. We decided to continue having sex because neither of us wanna go out and just have sex with anybody if that makes sense. We've been doing well with the friendship thing but I just haven't been taking the break up well and I know he didn't take it well either.

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    • @DooMguy yup, thats what i mean... and what you waiting for then... tag me in lol...
      ain't nobody care about some yuppy mouth that can't even post as themselves, but running their mouth while hiding behind Anon lol...
      Hey, lets go see what littlesally is on :)

    • done, I'll tag you into another one aswell, I can see a lot of flaws in pink anons logic

      You've got a point there

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  • It's completely normal. I felt like this after my ex broke up with me. I just went through the motions with it. If I was angry, I'd go for a run to get it all out of my system. If I was sad, I'd go spend time with my family and friends or go get my hair done to make me feel good about myself. Just keep yourself occupied and don't dwell on it too much. These feelings will all eventually fade and you'll be feeling normal again soon enough.

  • It's definitely okay to feel these things... and you still love and care for him.. and I understand how dating someone else could feel uncomfortable or not right.. you just need to forgive your ex and move on.. no one can make the choice for you.. follow your heart and do what makes you happy.


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