My ex boyfriend is confusing me?

Okay so I broke up with my ex 5 weeks ago.. and well lately I don't know what he's doing but he's been looking at my social media. On twitter a few nights ago I posted something about fuckboys it was a gif and it said "when a guys good looking, sweet, smart, & not a fuckboy." & he quote tweeted it and said "or so you think" & he doesn't even follow me on twitter either so I responded back and said "why are you on my twitter?" he said "just peeping" and I said "alright then.😂 Hope all is good with ya" & then he liked my comment and said "you too." He followed me on twitter a few hours later & then the next day he requested to follow me on Instagram. What's going on? I am confused because we don't even talk anymore so why is he doing this?


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  • Same as mine... he texts a month later asks hows my love life. Offers to hook me up with someone. And says he wants to be friends. Zones out then apologises for being on the phone with his cousin (not a girl) (i didn't even ask he volunteered the details ) and the next day he texts about how happy he is because he found the one true woman of his dreams?
    Im really confused...

    Hope someone answers our confusion


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