What is my Ex-Girlfriend doing?

My Ex-Girlfriend and me were in a relationship for 2 years. Till a couple of months before our breakup, she starting actings weird, becoming emotionally distant, more invested in going out partying with her girlfriends, all these were the signs that something was up.

She broke up with me with the most miserable way she could, with the excuse that came out from the handbook of cheaters

-I think we should just be friends
-I am too young
-It's not you, it's me

A couple of lame excuses and BAM within a week she's with someone else, while still extending the friendship hand with me, you know just in case something goes wrong, I'll be the back-up guy for her, in short I declined her proposal of being friends and exited her life completely. And here's one of the lamest things she said while I exited her life and didn't bother replying back to.

-I just want you to say that you are the best guy, with such a big heart, don't change yourself for anyone (weird right?).

Anyways an year passes by and I get an E-Mail from her, asking me to catch up with her, I simply asked her that what does she wishes you achieve by getting in touch with me and here's the lame response I got

-Not achieving anything, just wanted to see how you are (righttttt)

Since I did not respond her back, I came to know that she was no longer in relationship with the dude she left me for, since I didn't give her any reply, within a week (again) she got another boyfriend. About an year passes by again and one of my friends told me that she broke up with new dude and is in relationship within a month (again), it's soon going to be a year again and she might not be that far from bailing out (again).

What I want to know is, what do you guys think about this girl? According to you with her behaviour with me and what she has been portraying so far, what do you get out of it, that whats her motive?


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  • she's a serial monogamous. looking for something outside her and not realizing her happiness can only come from within.


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