See picture: Can someone explain how this quote is true?

see picture: Can someone explain how this quote is true? if they want to end things, shouldn't you try to work it out and communicate instead of just accepting their decision that you understand and respect it? otherwise it shows that you don't care and the person is making the right choice of walking away.


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  • hi, as with all things there are many perspectives to be seen, both the statement and your words are true as are others one could write.. these words do not specifically mean an ending to a partnership, it can be relevant to life within a relationship. i have experienced a partner where his jealousy over my children, even spending an evening alone with my ten year old daughter upset him beyond belief is a prime example of this... in the more extreme if a partner expressed their desire to end things you could communicate your feelings of wanting them to stay and discuss the situation, however, the partner in question may be at a stage where they do not feel they want to talk and discuss things and that it is over for them and after hearing your words ultimately if they still want to move on surely you should respect that. ultimately for your own sake as much as theirs? xx


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