Do we still call this Love?

Hello, there is that gurl at work, (this one is married). Generally what makes me connected or attracted to gurls n what i look in gurls when I meet them first time - Smtimes it takes a little longer for me to connect., are Their personality, character, how friendly they r how easily they get along.. Including how they connect with relatives..
I am not mentioning sex here because if the above criteria r satisfied n we get along through that it's normal n will b easy to open with sex..

Like with that gurl above (at work), I felt connected, n felt at ease with her that I showed some caring besides she is already married on paper n now she is preparing for religious wedding. Because she is already married on paper, I can only express my respect, appreciation, caring as she knows it. But since we had a chat on Friday as I asked if I could hv a walk with her during lunch time n walk her to bus stop to have a nice chat as we don't do it. She may b talking n laughing with everyone, but when it comes to me, she will either Skype me rarely talking about work. Even on Skype I can't open a general conversation. This really annoys n makes me very sad.
On Friday she refused me walking her to bus stop etc because, as she told me, people in our company do gossip a lot. Even once there was that guy who asked me "if me n her having an affair". i was annoyed. She even said, once confirmed, she will move to another department in the company which is based in da city.
One thing I can't understand is, there is a guy who lives in the south, they both go home together. She often comes meet her during lunch time n go hv a sit down to take air or hv a walk.
That's what i want from her. But she prevented me.. Why is that? Other guys can but not me...
The way I describe what i see in girls is also with single girls, only 2 gals I felt like I am feeling. With my ex girlfriend (who is married by now- that time didn't earn big money). This gal at work. Both I connected easily.
Feel sad.


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  • she doesn't want any trouble from her fiance finding out she is messing with other guys at work.

    • I knw. But who can tell her fiance. There is this guy with whom she goes home with as they live in south.. They mostly meet during lunch time n take some time out relax. This guy n even her fiance is built. Compared to me am slim n talk. Besides being gentle. Never being negative to her or fight with her. This is what i can't understand why with that guy at work, (They r frens - she walks to him n share a laugh n talk), but when it comes to me, she just either texts me on Skype asking about work or simply says that "people do gossip. - Coz that, she prefer to avoid," we both agree about gossips in company. N i feel that she will move to another department later coz of me. I don't want her to leave because am the reason. I agree that people gossip or even interfere in things that don't concern them. This is what she hates (being sticky), referring to her boss..
      Now as from tomorrow, I will have to hide myself even if I want to wave to her. I won't be able.

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    • Yes definitely I do be very careful n I never want to break any thing coz I don't like hurting people or breaking thgs. Its ok for me to feel hurt.. I knw its unfair but I prefer see my frens happy. I am worried about how to face her or keep distance from her. I try to not look at her when she comes around but I fail. When she comes around I feel hurt n strange stress feeling..

    • only two choices avoid her or taking away from her fiance

  • Didn't even read this because it said Gurl. Not happening with the typos


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