Why did he broke up with me :(?

7 months ago he was inlove with me but I rejectted him. Then two months later I find out that I have feelings for him and he rejectted me. he said his feelings were gone. So we agreed to be friend. But then he's starting flirting with me and says he still likes me and he lied that his feelings were gone. He was drunk when he said he still likes me. So we dated for like two months. We saw eachtother 1 time a week cause he is always very busy. Sometimes i got really annoyed because he was going out so much and drink much and taking drugs. We didn't see eachother for 2 weeks. And yesterday he broke up with me. He says he doesn't feel the spark anymore :( but a couple days ago he was saying miss you too with a sad smiley :( what does that mean no spark anymore?


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  • "Time is up."


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  • The spark is the excitement of seeing, talking or being with your loved one. Remember when you'd catch your crush looking at you? Or if your crush winked at you? What you feel from those is the spark. there's excitement. When he said that spark was gone, he meant that there wasn't fire in your love anymore. Like for example, he's not excited to see you when he gets home from work. Or he doesn't get nervous or excited when he receives a text from you. Things like that.

    But dont worry. He doesn't really sound nice to me. Someone better will come and this breakup is just bringing you one step closer to your real soulmate! He'll find you! You're still young and you're still exploring these things. You need breakups and bad days to appreciate the good ones later on.

    When its gone its because you're meant for something better.


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