How would you feel if your long term girlfriend didn't ever have a good job n hasn't worked in 2 years, you help support her for somethings?

You both have kids together the relationship isn't good most days is like strangers. You see same old things in the house such as furniture and stuff and especially clothes. You pay for kids Catholic education and gas for the car n insurance sometimes food every few months clothes. She cares for her mom without pay, the house is clean some days/weeks is not she loves to go to bed late n sleep late. Not sure if she's depressed. Most days very little affection great sex most times especially when we can. rarely any calls boyfriend had some goals but didn't finish them. The mother seems to be controlling n worries. Probably hasn't forgave our past. Rarely any fun together but few laughs any more even though she's fun exciting person. We were supposed to marry until things got bad. Would you stay? Would you use her? What would you do? Does she seem depressed? If she said let's start over n make things better n live together again, what your you say? Ok this is meπŸ˜’πŸ˜«πŸ˜­


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  • I don't know how I would feel but I sure know how you feel

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    • If that's how he/would feel/ would say then ok, I'll accept your response but not if it's rude... I didn't add (also no room) why I haven't gotten a job yet that's all b sides the point.
      The question really is about, what would you do, how would you feel, if you were in a relationship such as this. Also why would he stay in the relationship? It's not about why I haven't and couldn't get a job.

    • Oh and thanks for your response.

      He does spend money on me and helps when ever, I just say something most times I say nothing at all and he spends money on me, he's always been there within moments. But he says money is tight now since I'm not working.
      Working out, I used to and trying to get myself back into it, i did gain some weight but not much also I'm always told I look like I'm in my early 20s.

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