How do I end it?

I'm seeing this guy now for three months. He has made it clear he only wants to be casually dating. I saw him check chats with other girls and look up their addresses in front of me (trying to hide it) today. How should I end this and take the high road? But part of me just feels like deleting and blocking him from my life as he is an a&# hole. What should I do? Should I confront him?
Thank you ladies! I did all three- waited until he texted, I confronted him, and blocked him before he could reply. Thank you again :)


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  • Wait for him to call you again and tell him "thanks for (calling, asking for a date, etc) but I'm really not feeling it. But it was nice getting the know you. Good luck with the other girls. Bye"

  • Delete and block him, he doesn't deserve ANY MORE of your time. I blocked a guy last night. I met the guy two years ago and showed interest in him. I tried talking to him over facebook but he didn't seem to really want to talk to me. I got a random message from him on facebook last night and he was acting all interested in me and stating how he "saw me on instagram" and shit... asking me if I still lived in (insert name here). I saw that he had deleted me off facebook, so he must have looked me up to message me. What the fuck was wrong with me before? Nah bitch, I don't have time for this shit. #bitter

  • Confront him!


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