I probably should have told him I missed him?

So the guy I was in a relationship just left school a few months ago for personal reasons without saying a word to it about me. I was gone sick and I came back and he had moved back home. To say the least I was crushed and then when I tried to see what happen he didn't answer my call or respond. So last night which is about two months later we were texted just casually how have you been and stuff. And then he was like I'm really sorry with how I left things with you and that I was good person and he treated me poorly and that he was always feel sh*tty for it. I told him there was no use in worrying about it now and that I didn't think I was a really good person. He said no you are and somebody is going to spend every moment trying to make you happy one day. This upset me so I asked him if we could not talk about it anymore. And then he asked me why I texted him. I didn't feel like I could of said "because I miss you and I wished it was you but I know its not." so I said I just I wanted to see how you were I was worried about you when I left. I don't think he will come back to school and I know there is a chance though. He told his guys friends when he left that he might.

Do you think I should of told him I missed him, I think he could figure it out for himself. I'm afraid to say it if I'm not going to hear it back and I don't think it will help anything.

But I think I got some good closure from it and hopefully it will be easier to move on.
I probably should have told him I missed him?
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