Will ex contact me again?

Hey guys! I really hope u can help me with this one.. so about 1 week ago I met with my ex with some mutural friends. He broke up with me 3,5 months ago and we haven't had any contact.
when we met everything was like before and he was kind of flirty..
when we came Home that night he started texting me saying he missed me a lot, and he cried a lot, i asked him if he regretted breaking up and wanted to Get back together but he said he didn't regret because he felt it needed to be done and didn't think it would work out if we tried again..
we talked for about a week, and he flirted a lot.. then we agreed not to have any contact because if doesn't help any of us and makes it Harder for me to move on... he was really sad that we couldnt talk.
its been two days no and he hasn't texted me.. i really dont Get him? What dies he want? And do you think he will contact me again?
Pls help 😩


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  • forget about him and move on. he probably just wants to get into your pants again anyways


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