I think I screwed up.

OK so I'm in high school and I like a guy and I've just realized looking back he might have felt the same or was at least semi-interested (He would always help me in class, smile at me, he always stood as close as he could to me without being creepy, etc.).

Now I'm a really shy girl (y'know the kind that will stare at the ground and never EVER look up at the guy she likes) and I'm afraid that I shown that I'm not interested at all. Now the problem is that it looks like he's moved on, although he does try to talk to me, even though I try to abruptly end the conversation out of the fear that I may say something stupid to him.

I really do like him so how do I 1) Show him that I'm interested and 2) Get the courage to do that something. Oh and to make matters worse and make it overly dramatic the school year is ending very soon and I'm afraid this is my last chance to do something. I'm sorta desperate and help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
I think I screwed up.
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