How do you know when to breakup and Move on? Need advice?

I have been with my boyfriend for almost 10 months, there have been things I have questioned but never really have said anything, which i know is not good. Over the weekend, i ended up meeting someone who made me feel so incredibly different in a good way and we clicked right away. ( nothing physical or anything happened between us) It opened my eyes to make me realize that I am not truly happy. He was blindsided when i told him that i felt that it wasn't right, and we talked it through and found that our problem was that we don't communicate enough, and there many things that i want from the relationship but i don't think i will get. My gut is telling me that something isn't right but my heart is telling me that i love him and i don't want to hurt him. Any advice? He told me to take a day or 2 to think things through.


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  • If you think the talk and realization about not communicating can be fixed and things can improve you could stay. If you think after this talk that things won't be better it's best to breakup so both of you can find other people and be happy instead of just delaying the inevitable.

    • I'm scared that if i stay that its not gonna change, and we both don't want to have this conversation again as it was really hard.

    • If you feel that way then break up since you don't feel optimistic about it. You know him better than anyone so if you don't think he is a man of change then it's best to get out now before you both become distant and resentful.

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  • when he doesn't turn me on frequently and someone else does


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