Advice on getting over someone after you've been with them a year?


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  • Keep busy with things you enjoy. Talk about it. Not to one person all the time but you want to remind yourself about why it was needed and know that you made the right choice. Many times we glorify people after we aren't around them as often.

  • Try and distract yourself

  • - block them on EVERY app
    - let them know you'll be blocking them and say you don't want them to contact you as you'd like to move on
    - don't rush into another relationship
    - spend time with friends and family
    - try not to stalk thier social media or thier friends social media
    - get rid of any clothes they left at yours or presents they gave you
    - after a month or two, start seeing new people and get to know people
    - having sex with other people always helps lol I didn't want to add that in there but it's true

    Hope this helps


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