About marriage - parents are looking for a gal for me?

Hello, parents are looking for a gal for me. Well the thing is I don't know how n what they presented to the person who is looking for that woman. . The thing is I haven't done a degree. I hv only S. C, Diploma, ccna. I respect people.. I have nt got my own car. According to parents, they got some proposals for Me, but they rejected coz the ladies do not suit me.. I wonder what they r really looking.. When the lady brings a proposal, they were even if the girl is educated (degree level), unfortunately when u get more details about the family u r surprised. Its either the girl's family who create a scene or the person who bring the proposal get all sorts of women.. Singles. Or divorce. Some very cheap. Some short n ugly. Or they r connected to some family issues...
I the thing is here in Mauritius, we don't have Muslim matrimonial events to go to n it is very difficult. N mostly u can hear people get divorced easily. Rather then make the marriage work..
Even the simplest thing that a girl mostly won't bother to fix it with her husband. There fore divorce is the simplest thing.


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  • Why can't you pick your own girl?

    Also, id request to meet one on one with the girl before doing any agreement

    • Well I knw but it's not that easy. Always get bad proposals. I met few girls but when we meet their family, although get to know their family background then we find its nt the right pair.. It's been like that for few weeks or months. That is why, parents r better trying to find sm girl n gather maximum information n if the girl accept to meet our family n me it is then I will go further since then I haven't contacted any of these girls. It will b a shame to go to a girl place n reject instantly..

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    • I dont have any contacts. N most gurls here in Mauritius r materialized. As if I have car then they would go for drives n easily connect n feel proud..
      I don't meet girls that often.. as most girls hang out at nite. Very few u knw don't go. I thk coz I am not a degree holder, it's harder for me to get a girl.

    • Last Month or two months ago went to meet a girl (met her in cafe) then later met her family. Man I was soo surprised, she was putting all sorts of laws I mean telling thgs at the very beginning, that she won't stay in the new house, or won't leave her mum, expected me to have a car before marriage. To end this she seen I didn't do any move so she gave me choices, if she had to go on a trip round the island will I hv my own or car or ask dad n bring him along with us...

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  • My parents are planning on the same with me, except I am actually going to get to meet the girls one on one (well not alone, but with adults around) and get to know them. Anyways, I think it is best for you to first make something out of yourself first; work and make sure you have the financial means to support a family. God forbid you have children and can't support them and your wife.

    • Well I have these qualifications above, n a secure Job. I work in IT at telecom. about finance I earn about $2700 per month including overtime. I have a flat to live in when married. Its not big. But good to stay. people rent it mostly for studying. I don't have my own car. It seems cars r very important for women nowadays. Some expect their guy to have one before entering into a relationship. Very few understand this n are willing to help in to buy one after marriage.

    • It's pretty hard for me. Smtimes I connect with a girl but they don't just coz I hv no car or degree..

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  • You're 38 and your parents are looking for a girl for you? Jesus Christ.

  • You're 38 and you can't pick your own girl?

    • Am sorry. It's mostly the girls have their own choices n being more materialized

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