Dealing with a lazy spouse how?

Engaged. I'm the breadwinner. I work far so 10-12. Hr a day I'm gone. Everyday I come home she is in bed watching t. v. every day! I say what you do today and never has something to tell me. Meanwhile the bed room is not clean I put a napkin purposely on the carpet floor to see if she would pick it. It's been there a week now


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  • In all my life I have found one thing to be true. The person who wants it clean is pretty much always going to be the one who ends up cleaning it. You can piss, moan and snivel 9 ways to Sunday, I doubt it will change.

    • We've talked about our roles in this relationship. I feel like I'm asking for such small things

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    • I wanna feel apart a team. Not a caretaker

    • I appreciate what you're feeling. She may also feel like she doesn't want to be a caretaker, so cleans only when it pleases her, or doesn't clean at all. Or just really doesn't care. It comes down to "how much do you want to make of this"? Perhaps it is important enough to you to argue over it. Perhaps it's a deal breaker for you. Perhaps your arguing about it is the deal breaker for her. You just have to decide what it's worth. So does she. I just never see this end with the messy one doing any cleaning for a prolonged period.

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  • You need to add more information my friend.

    Generally speaking, if you are the main bread winner you shouldn't be doing any house chores. Period. Women subconsciously disrespect men who clean. That's just the fact.

    However. Every generality has an exception which is why there needs to be more specifics.

    Are you married?
    How long?
    What pisses you off?
    What isn't cleaned?

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    • @MlleCake Someone has to add some excitement into your life... clearly your husband isn't doing the job...

    • Oooh, I could just pinch those cute widdle cheeks. Dance Monkey.

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  • If you want it clean why don't you clean it yourself?

    • Because I'm in a relationship. If I work cook , and clean. She isn't making my life any easier

    • Maybe she just doesn't want to conform to a role where she just sits at home all day and cleans. I know I certainly wouldn't be ok with that. And again if you want it cleaned that badly, you would clean it yourself.

  • Have you told her the way you feel?


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